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The Riddle of the Sphinx  —NOW IN PRINT!!! via Amsel Verlag

Photo on 2013-01-11 at 16.56Acknowledgments with deepest gratitude to the following friends and family who made this publishing project possible:

Milenko Lazic, Keith Sparks, Saundra Watkins, Neville Pfenninger, Kyle Sparks, Dani Dov, Brittany White, Jennifer Carroll, Charlotte Merrill, Brandon Sparks & Haley Sparks, in memory of my mother Pamela Renee Watkins-Sparks and my Great-Aunt Hilda Britton, and in memory of Steve Woodman
With Special Thanks & big hugs to the wonderful well-wishers who donated to my Kickstarter campaign!
John Kissick, Chris Kindler, Vertie Sparks, Terry Latoya Bailey, Annette Mullins, Saundra Watkins, Keith Sparks, Eli Gerzon, Rosemary Sheckels, Willetta Rucker, Eva Homor, Eric Mullins, Robyn Mitchell, Paula D. Williams, Tiffany Butt, Lamiya Sheikh

This is the story of Diotima, the Princess who turned into a Sphinx… More @

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