IMG_0306Perhaps my most enjoyable expressions to produce have been the books I’ve created, both through writing and imagery, published or not (see the Parasite Book Project).

The Riddle of the Sphinx was hard labor, but I wanted to see it through so badly! In fact, I still play with some ideas to reinterpret its narrative in other media (stay tuned!).

On the last day of last year, I completed a new set of collaged illustrations for a new narrative. In fact, as all good tales, this one is based on a very ancient yarn, that of the journey. An afro-feminist Odyssey, I call mine, Nefertiti Escapes!

In addition to creating books and stories I am also one of four custodians for the Pamela Watkins Sparks Memorial Library in Texas.

Web-sume of Written Works:

Trust Your Struggle (also published on Wake Up World)
Believe You’re Magic
Name Your Prize

How to Be Yourself
How to Make Yourself at Home
How to Adapt to Change

Exploring Intersectionality + Intersectional Resources

Emerging from the Dark
Superpowers Against Patriarchy

Catch My Breath: Racism vs. Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Equality

Friendship > Love 
Friendship > Love, continued
Friendship Will Be Revolutionary

In Lust We Trust: Desire > Passion (published via Bad Witches)
Kali Speaks: Trust Your Instincts and Inspire Trust (published via Bad Witches)

On Sandra Bland and Marijuana (published via

9 Ways Being a Motherless Child is like being Cartoon Superhero
11 Reasons why living nomadically is like being the star of your own movie– only better!

The Best Movies to Watch with Your Favorite People
Laughter Rx: Cartoons = The Best Recreational Medicine
Sex, Drugs, Music

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The Riddle of the Sphinx and Nefertiti Escapes! are art books I have published of my collages and stories

Flying Saucer Video Magazine is an experimental production released through my publishing company, Flying Sparks.

Coming into Being
 – Aside from (multiple kinds of) physical orgasms (which are super important to us, too!), a lucky, driven woman will find her other orgasm in creative work and (at times brutally) honest expression. Here: a portal space where women artists explore the connection between sexuality and creativity. Featuring our original art, frequently paired with relevant, provocative — academic, colloquial, poetic, personal, humorous, psychological, scientific, and/or hybrid texts, fulfills an impetus to explore women’s sexual empowerment from multiple intimate angles.

Survival is a Social Construct
 – this blog began (originally called “Suicide is a Social Construct”) as a conscious effort to fill what I can of the gap I perceive between people experiencing debilitating emotional pain and well distributed resources including information that may help to deal with such pain. Here I offer my own personal techniques for dealing with stress and pain and provide links to scientific or otherwise scholarly field research about depression and suicide. I created this website on the basis of my observation that we need to be able to talk about the deepest darkest feelings human beings can experience and not just try to act like they don’t or should not exist. Here I humbly try to begin and continue this vital dialogue.

Finally, I love to share reading material, so here are some of my all time favorite selections by authors from around the world and through all time– enjoy!