Artist’s Statement:

Whitney Sparks likes to imagine herself an illustrative Scheherazade, composing perpetual fractured fairy tales in mixed media assemblage. In her work, mass culture transforms into a kind of visual compost, nurturing the seeds of future revolutions. Responding to various events and places, working with found things and chance, Sparks makes observations through collecting print images, cutting periodicals, drawing, writing, and recording. She edits her findings to reveal another reality. Where imaginary lands grow, root, and weather, tangled beasts engage in unknown rituals. Choreographing perspectives on the female body, natural phenomena, and elements of spiritual iconography, Sparks reorganizes information over a range of media, from paper to wood to web. Her installations weave together myriad coincidences of society and texture, beguiling viewers to learn a quixotic cartography of the human condition.






Whitney Sparks: Angry Black Girl Magical Realism @ Subrosa Community Space, Santa Cruz, USA ~ December 2018

ARTmadillo @ The Armadillo’s Pillow Bookstore, Chicago USA – March 2018

Selfies for Survival @ A-Space Anarchist Community Center, Philadelphia, USA – March 2017

Call for submissions

Art Spa installation No. 1: Reflection Pool at The Solution., Prague Czech Rep. 9-14 May 2015

Tribute to Eleusis – a documentary art film by Whitney Sparks debuted at Kykeon Bar & Cafe in Elefsina, Greece


MiXeD-MesSsGE Postcards for sale at Atlantis Books in island paradise– Oia, Santorini (GR)


Nefertiti Escapes!  – OUT NOW: Order a copy

Feast of the Body ~ By invitation, location to be disclosed…


ONOFilm and live performance at the International Film Poetry Festival, Athens (GR), 28 November 2014

Nefertiti Escapes!The Riddle of the Sphinx @ Signs of Dexterity Art Fair Berlin (DE)– 3-5 October, 2014

Performance/Reading/Book-signing @ Shakespeare & Sons bookstore – Berlin, 18 September 2014,

<BLUR THE HOUSE DOWN ~ 24 Feb. 2014 @Station 21, Zureich, CH

“Bed-Floating Day” ~ performance debut! 20 Feb. 2014 @ Köpi Geburtstag, Berlin, DE

“Flag Fire” short film debut @ International Film Poetry Festival, December 2013 – Athens, GR

Le Twist Sans Frontieres@ Roxy, Oct, 13-Jan. 14 – Prague, CZ

“Embodied” installation @ The Divo Institute

Á la recherche de la bohéme perdue | Czech Republic
Summer Solstice 2013, Bohemia


Picture 7where the two rivers meet

SPACE TAKER + SWEET REBELLION | where the two rivers meet | Zurich University of the Arts Master of Fine Arts degree exhibition 2013 | 29 May – 15 June 2013 | Förrlibuckstrasse 180, Zürich, Switzerland | + MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE @ tunneltoknowhere.tumblr.com


DSC03617Total Freedom World Tour 
APRIL 5-6-7 / 2013
from Athenas / Ἀθῆναι → Zürich / Zu reich

3 Day International Experimental Art Festival//Anarcho-Symposium
→ a political encounter between philosophy & art
Void Network + A4 Anarchist Print Shop @ LOCH / with support from ZHdK

“Kali in the Hole” 12h live-collage @ Dear Catastrophe group show ~ 20 January, 2013/ 12-12 ~ LOCH, Zürich

“Unearthed” @ Die Werbefläche – 5 January – 2 February, 2013 – Kiosk Quellenstrasse, Zürich

Foto-0241_2_2FREE / MISSING / WANTED – live collage with sound by Nora Düster, December 10, 2012 – One Night Only Gallery, Zurich

The Riddle of the Sphinx – 12-20 October 2012 – K-Set Archiv für selbstgemachte Publikationen, Zürich
The Riddle of the Sphinx — NOW IN PRINT! via Amsel Verlag 

Work Discourse in the Woods (ZHdK) – May 2012 – Zürichberg, Switzerland

“The Kitchen Communion”Instant Favelas –  April 2012 – Gessnerallee, Zürich

NO EXIT  (with Milenko Lazic & U5) – January 2012 – Uwaga Kollectiv, Zürich

Fox Hollow – August 2011 – Houston

Sattal Ashram  – April 2010 – Sattal, India

Yale Undergraduate Art Dept. Final Show  – May 2007 – Yale University

“Who is a Princess?” (short film) – debuted May 2007 – Yale University

“No Memory” (film) – debuted April 2006 – Yale University

V-Day/”The Vagina Monologues” (city’s debut director and organizer) – March 2002 – Houston

the “parasite book” project (ongoing)


MFA Zürcher Hochschule der Künste/Zurich University of the Arts – Zürich, Switzerland – 2013
BA Yale University – New Haven, USA –  2007
Phillips-Andover School Year Abroad – Zaragoza, Spain- 2003
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts – Houston, USA – 2002


Quintessentia Collection – Curatorial Assistant – 2013
Vermont Studio Center – Artist in Residence – January 2011
Sphere Magazine – Creator/Editor-in-Chief – 2004-2006

Further credentials:

Solitary Solidarity:
Sailed upcycled yacht, Freedom Challenge, along the Pacific Coast from Tierra del Fuego to the Bering Straight (1989 – 1993)
Braided hair into living trees until tragic loss of fingerprints, Ibadan, Nigeria (1999 – 2000)
Year of silence, Arunachala, India (2009 – 2010)
Squatted a dollhouse that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad; evicted by Barbies, Abierta (2011- 2013)

Advanced Collaboration:
Opened the first integrated yoga studio, out of a covered wagon, in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA (1839)
Played typewriter in cult musical, “Shushumna Nadi & the Huge Fluff Accident,” (1965-1971)
Total Freedom World Tour  @ Loch Besetzte Haus 2013
Day of Laziness @ Paradeplatz Zureich, Switzerland 2013

1492 Winner of the Alhambra, Andalucia’s most anarchist award for subversive choreographers, Granada, Spain
1956 Official Miss Turnstiles scholar at the Metropolitan Transport Authority, New York, USA
1972 Recipient of The Robert Earl Grant for Creative Firefighting, Chicago, USA
2000 Trinity Temple C.M.E. Residency and Fellowship recipient for eulogizing relatives, Tucson, USA
2012 Winner of the Pamela Renee Watkins Prize for Best Sandwich, Uppuveli, Sri Lanka
2047 Carmen San Diego Universitarian Prize finalist for research and development of extra-reality travel technology, Geneva, Switzerland